Class Descriptions

Power 30, 60, 75, 90, and Lunch

yogaRIOT teaches POWER Vinyasa Flow in a gently heated environment (90-100 degrees F). We are inspired by the Baptiste method. You will work. You will flow. You will sweat.

Journey Into Power

Baron Baptiste’s Journey Into Power helps you access your vitality, power, and freedom. This vinyasa class will cover postural foundations and alignment all in connection to breath. Both newcomers and seasoned yogis welcomed. Be prepared to sweat and work.

Power Skills

Develop your skills. Strengthen your focus. Deepen your practice. You must know how to take a sun salute A and sun salute B on your own. This class is for working hard and skill advancement. Come prepared to work hard.

Release: Restorative FLOW

60 minutes in the heat, begin with a flowing series of moon salutes and spend the final hour opening and releasing upper back, neck, chest, shoulders, lower/mid-back, and hips. Equipment needed for this class includes: two blocks, foam roller, neck pillow, mayo fascial release balls, and strap. If you need help locating these items email

Virtual Vin/Yin

60-minute class – 30 min vinyasa, 30 min yin

In this class, you’ll warm up with flowing vinyasas to create heat to prepare the body for gentle poses held for a length of time. You’ll work more in-depth into the body, taking the opportunity to breathe, and explore what happens when you stay for extra time.

Yin is an excellent practice to calm your mind, work deeper into your breath, and discover where you naturally hold tension. The work is to soften while keeping the body supported with simple, accessible equipment in your house!

Here’s what you’ll need to have on hand:

-A bolster or rolled-up blanket or towel. A tip is to tie it together, so you don’t need to keep rolling it!

-Blocks or use a water bottle, books, a wide can of food, maybe even a piece of furniture like a couch cushion to support yourself.

– Something warm like a sweatshirt or blanket to maintain the heat while you stay for the longer poses.

Virtual Power SHRED

POWER SHRED is a 30-minute, cross-training combination of yoga and HIIT (high-intensity interval training). You will leave feeling invigorated and powerful. This class includes a short warm-up and cool down.


Drop-in $25 | LIMITED member $20 | UNLIMITED member $5

ADD-ON HighVIBE: cannabis flow

Join us for this 2-hour experiential yoga journey that includes cannabis usage to access deeper spaces of your practice. Students can expect to gather for a smoking session 20 minutes before class begins. The doors are locked promptly at 7:10. Yoga takes place for 75 minutes in our spacious, gently heated space with ambient music. Students are offered a heart-opening, calm, vinyasa practice that inspires and invites release. A luxurious 15-minute savasana with mayo-fascial release and a cool lavender face towel. Students are invited to gather after class for kombucha.


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