The holy Hindu sadhus, Indian ascetics who’ve renounced material life, considered cannabis to be a sacred, medicinal plant that benefits mind, body, and spirit. In Ayurvedic texts, there is evidence that it was used to deepen meditation and yoga practice and used as medicine as far back as 3000 bc.

Cannabis creates a “tamasic” state which can feel sleepy, dull, calm, and still. It offers an opportunity to be completely present and aware, tuned in to the things happening at the moment – or drifting and lost, sluggish. Choose before you get high what you want to feel. What you choose may depend on whether you are self practicing or practicing with people and a teacher.

How do I use cannabis in my practice:

I use it in my private practice when I am anxious, and my head is full of thoughts. I use it when my hips and back are sore because it slows me down and lets me feel what is happening. I practice yoga with cannabis once a week or so at home. I love the way it helps me to forget all of the details of daily life and sink into my body and breathe.

Hydrate well either way. Prepare your mind, have fun, slow down, notice each movement, and each breath. Stop and take water breaks whenever you like. Cannabis has a drying effect on the entire body. Cannabis will make balance a struggle; you can leave balancing out of practice or take the challenge.

If you tend to get paranoid when you consume, it is best to practice alone the first time, with a friend, or at a cannabis class where everyone has the same experience. If you’re interested in having a group experience such as this, come to the yogaRIOT highVIBE: Cannabis Flow class.

Where can I experience a yoga and cannabis class?

highVibe is a yogaRIOT event that happens on the 4th Saturday of every month. It is a 2-hour experiential yoga journey that includes cannabis usage to access deeper spaces of your practice. Students can expect to gather for a smoking session 20 minutes before class begins. The doors are locked promptly at 7:10. Yoga takes place for 75 minutes in our spacious, gently heated space with ambient music. Students are offered a heart-opening, calm, vinyasa practice that inspires and invites release. A luxurious 15-minute savasana with mayo-fascial release and a cool lavender face towel. Students are invited to gather after class for kombucha.

If you have any questions about this event, email us at info@yogariot.com
Written by: Annie Ory