Wow, and just like that it’s a brand new month! How will you include more ease and solitude for yourself this month? We are moving into a new set of yogic intentions, theme, and physical focus.

December’s energetic theme is DEEP REST. Our yogic intention for the month is  samādhi. The yogic physical focus for this week is supine twist.

Annie on DEEP REST

         The year is growing older and colder in the Northern hemisphere and Nature is calling us to Deep Rest. The Solstice is coming and it is after the long dark night that most cultures and religions call for reflection on the seasons past and a presence to what might be on the horizon in the shining new year.

          In our asana practice we prepare for deep rest with the supine twist. Twisting compresses the abdomen, gently moving and squeezing the organs, and stretching the small tight muscles around the spine, making space. It comes at the end of practice to ground all the Agni, metabolic fire and power you created in your practice, so that you can transition from practice to daily life with ease.

          The alignment cues for twisting are grounding and opening, creating opening and ease in preparation for deep rest.

So in asana, as in daily life, rinse away the excess, squeeze out everything unnecessary and create ease and space to take your rest.

           Kari and Annie are closing the studio Christmas Eve to New Years Eve to take our deep rest, body mind and spirit. You might take the week off yoga, practice restorative at home, or come to a couple of community classes to have joyful movement with friends. We will see you 1/1 on the mat ready to work and excited about all the learning in the year ahead.


Sanskrit is an Indo-European language that dates back thousands of years. Sanskrit, no longer used colloquially, is an intricately designed language system that has remained intact over time. The same Sanskrit that we learn today can unlock wisdom from antiquity.

Our yogic intention of the month is samādhi. This is the eighth limb of  Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras. It is a state in which the aspirant is one with the object of their meditation, the Supreme Spirit pervading the universe, where there is a feeling of unutterable joy and peace. The experience of samādhi is not like other experiences, which can be described in words. About it the sages say “It is not this! It is not this!”, for speech fails to convey the feeling of joy and peace experienced in that state.

From Light on Yoga by BKS Iyengar

Supine Twist with Modifications

There are as many ways to twist as there are stars in the sky. One of these four will serve, or you will create your own.

  1. Bottom image: simple twist, knees stacked, shoulders to the mat
  2. Second image: simple twist with eagle legs, gets deeper in the top hip
  3. Third from the bottom: bound twist, upper leg forward, bottom leg back top image, supported bound twist, one or two blocks under the extended leg.