Why add heat to the yoga? Annie will tell you why!

In traditional yoga practice, you might have done Sun Salute A with 30 repetitions before moving into the Warrior series for 10-20 breath holds. Your asana practice would have taken 2 hours every day.

In the modern world, most folks don’t have time for that level of rigor. In order to drop into your practice with ease, you have to warm your body and open your joints and tissues as quickly as possible.

At yogaRIOT, we invite you to step inside and get hot right away! The heat we build in yoga – called Tapas – warms the connective tissues of the body so that the spine and joints can move and open safely. Tapas also refers to the heat that is created through disciplined work. Hot yoga is proving effective in improving outcomes for clinically depressed patients and patients with PTSD.

It also works better than altitude training for high-performance athletes working to build endurance and power. It improves weight loss outcomes and acclimatizes the body to heat, making you feel cooler and more comfortable all the time.

How to manage the heat is the real question and the answer begins with HYDRATION (read our earlier post on hydration). Drink water early. Drink water often. Rest when you need to. Come to yoga more often. Breathe all the time. Don’t fuss a lot, it takes more energy, and don’t wipe your sweat off, it is there to cool your skin.