yogaRIOT offers a complete Teacher training experience. This comprehensive 6 month* program will prepare you to stand in front of the room, clear ground, and hold space, for growth and empowerment. Our teachers learn to guide students through the Journey Into Power, with hands on assists and modifications for each individual body. 

Our program includes a complete Apprenticeship that will teach you what you need to know about how a studio operates, how to use MindBodyOnline, how to open and close classes, how to structure your classes and how to cue transitions and poses effectively so that students from new comer to advanced can follow along with your instructions. 

Our training includes opportunities for you to ACTUALLY teach so that you are prepared to get a job teaching yoga. This journey will change your experience of yourself in Community and will alter your approach to your personal practice. Come and find your Power. Come find your voice. Come and find yourself.

*The apprenticeship program can take up to one year dependent on the motivation and dedication of the student


*just sign up for monthly auto-renew