So you came to your first yoga class at yogaRIOT? Yay! Now what?

Maybe you’ve been to some classes before, but this time something was different and you want more.

Maybe you’ve been coming once in a while, but just never committed.

Yoga is meant to be a daily practice, and while you may never get there and stay there, don’t let perfect be the enemy of the good. Some yoga is always better than no yoga at all.

How to Build Your Yoga Practice:

Start with one committed to the yoga practice that you can and will keep. It should seem challenging but not impossible so that you will stick to it.

What seems possible…once a week…three times? Do whatever you need to create structure and accountability for yourself and get back to your mat.

Taking a class from different teachers can allow you to hear new perspectives. It will keep you from getting bored.

When you can’t practice with a teacher, listen to a podcast. Even do a few poses that you may remember from class in your bedroom. There are even opportunities to do yoga while sitting at your desk during your workday.

Building a yoga practice means that you create the time for yoga, especially when you believe there is not the time for yoga!

It is all in your head. So, put this in there: You are a yogi, and you have a yoga practice because you have practiced yoga before. Don’t wait until you are practicing every day to claim your yogi-hood.

You are a yogi now. And yogis practice yoga, so go ahead!

How You Can Strengthen Your Yoga Practice:

If you want more instruction and have questions, come to emPOWER! emPOWER is held on the 2nd Sunday of every month and is taught by Katie Presley. Katie will give you any information or modifications that you may need to feel successful.

If you ever acquire new injuries or limitations, talk to us. We’ll find solutions to get you going.