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More on Resistance

Recently a student wrote to me with some questions about daily yoga practice, weight loss, and resistance. Following are my answers, I thought you might like to hear them as well. Question #1: What is "transformational results." Not to sound...

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I am a resistant yoga student. So are you. We all are. It's just part of the process. I might be just a little more resistant than you though. My first hot yoga class was a nightmare. I remember hating the teacher, resisting everything she said,...

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Yoga Newbies:

  Every yogi I know was new to yoga once. Some have been new to yoga more than once, I know I have. When you start and stop and start again it feels new, even though you know some of the poses. When you’ve done one style of yoga and start a...

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We put 2 blocks next to every mat at yogaRIOT because we want you to use them. if you need them. but how do you know if you need a block, or two? use them help make the pose more powerful more grounded more balanced more aligned blocks...

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