We put 2 blocks next to every mat at yogaRIOT because we want you to use them.
if you need them.

but how do you know if you need a block, or two?

use them help make the pose

  • more powerful
  • more grounded
  • more balanced
  • more aligned

blocks are not cheating, blocks are tools. use them all the time. use them well.

when you use your block (or the floor) stay lifted through your core, balancing on your fingertips. keep from dumping weight into your wrist like this to keep your wrist safe.


instead place your hand like this


notice in this series as the student goes from no block to 1 to 2 how her pose opens and lifts



this happens because the blocks gives the standing hamstring room, allowing the top leg to lift and stack higher and straighter, the chest and shoulder can open more, creating stability and strength.