Four years ago I was brand new to yoga. I had taken yoga classes before, but honestly, I walked out of many of them. It’s hard to show up new. It’s hard to show up, period. One thing I’ve learned on the journey is that hard is ok and can become easier with support.

When I came to yogaRIOT, it was the first time I’d ever felt seen by the yoga teacher. In most of my previous experiences, I knew I was doing the yoga postures incorrectly, but no one would just tell me HOW to do it. It always left me feeling more like an outsider. No one ever told me to wear a tight-fitting shirt out of strategy. I’d show up to yoga in my general baggy workout frock, and my shirt would fly over my head in down dog. I didn’t fit into yoga.

When I showed up to class at yogaRIOT, the teachers, especially Annie, would work with me. “Put your foot here,” she would point. “Spark your fingers up, light your toes up, draw your shoulders back!” These cues came with directness and even touch. These are things that kept me coming back. I felt seen, and like someone wanted me to be successful.

Something you will come to learn about yogaRIOT is that we TEACH yoga. Some folks love it and some folks would rather not be bothered. In the asana practice, we are working towards alignment. While this may show up differently for folks, certain principles generally apply. We help people to find alignment through direct, intelligent cueing and hands-on assists.

I’ve decided to take all this a step further by now offering the Intro Special. Receiving a personal introduction is special. If you’re new to yoga and need a little support to get started, this is for you. I’ll go over the foundational sequence of our practice, the Sun Salutation’s A&B. We’ll talk about basic principles of alignment, what to wear to yoga, how to sign up for your classes, create a practice schedule, and how we can support you at yogaRIOT.

Sometimes a personal connection with someone to assure you “everything is ok” can be powerful. The Intro Special is designed for folks to receive a personal session, 2 weeks of unlimited yoga, and Baron Baptiste’s book Journey Into Power, which explains more about the yoga and method we practice at our studio. Having the right tools can set you up for success. This could be the last time you say, “next time”.