yogaRIOT is an innovative and creative place to practice yoga for beginners and seasoned students. We take a flexible, balanced, playful approach to yoga, opening the door for you to expand your power and discover the joy and well being of a regular yoga practice.

The skilled teachers at yogaRIOT offer clear direction to help you grasp the alignment and purpose of each posture and learn to effectively execute the poses with grace, balance, strength and precision. We invite you to find the fullest expression of each posture for your body in every practice, every day.

yogaRIOT is a clean, spacious, place to practice Baptiste Method Yoga with a community of committed yogis. New students are welcomed and taught with all the energy and focus of students with a long standing practice.

Our Mission at yogaRIOT is to cause a ruckus in your being, to disrupt the status quo of your yoga and to create space for you to step into your biggest most powerful self.


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