Here are 10 ways that you can take advantage of great hydration:

  1. Dentistry and surgery: Hydrated tissues bleed less, and are less likely to become infected and heal faster.
  2. Sleeping: You sleep better when hydrated, though you may need to pee, mostly it helps with waking up alive because drinking a glass of water before bed reduces your risk of heart attack and stroke while you sleep.
  3. Body Waxing: Well-hydrated skin releases the hair with less breakage for better waxing experience and helps the pores close quickly afterward.
  4. Healthy Teeth: Well-hydrated gum tissues are less prone to inflammation and inhibit bacterial growth below the gum line.
  5. Digestion: In Ayurvedic practice, it is known to drink a glass of water 20-30 minutes before a meal lubricates the digestive process making it easier to break down food.
  6. Math: Studies have shown that well-hydrated students figure and comprehend better than students who do not drink 8 glasses of water daily.
  7. Elimination: Yes, being well-hydrated makes it easier to poop. Studies show you don’t actually pee more often when you’re well-hydrated, the body finds balance.
  8. Exercise: This one may seem obvious, but hydrated joints take less wear and tear during a tough work out, organs more effectively secrete waste, and the body maintains blood and nutrient distraction better when hydrated.
  9. Work: You focus better when hydrated, but whether your office is too hot or too cold, being well hydrated helps you regulate your body temperature.
  10. Losing weight:Hydrated cells mean fewer cravings.

Hot yoga is best done when your body is well-hydrated. How do you know if you are hydrated?

Beyond the MINIMUM 8 glasses of water per day, add another 16 ounces for every hot yoga class. If you find that you sweat a lot during class, consider adding an electrolyte supplement or even a pinch pink of Himalayan pink salt to your water. You want to assure you are adding back the minerals that you lose when you sweat.

Great hydration also includes peeing!

Look for the 3-C’s of hydration. Your urine should be:

  • Clean: no smell
  • Clear: no color
  • Copious: lots of it!