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A welcoming and inclusive hot power yoga studio located in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. We encourage both beginners and advanced students looking for a yoga home. At yogaRIOT, we TEACH yoga and get to know our students by providing personalized instruction. We focus mostly on vinyasa yoga which links breath and movement. Folks of all ages, genders, races, physical ability, economic status, and sexual orientation are welcomed. 

Try 30 days of UNLIMITED yoga for $55 (newcomers only).

Our Mission at yogaRIOT is to cause a ruckus in your being, to disrupt the status quo of your yoga and to create space for you to step into your biggest most powerful self.


With virtual and in-studio classes, you can practice no matter how busy your schedule.

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About Our Portland Yoga Studio

Our beautiful yoga studio is located in the historic Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, Oregon. We heat the studio with far-infrared radiant heat so that the air doesn’t dry your sinuses or your skin. We keep the room between 90 and 95 degrees.

The studio is comfortable, safe, and efficient to modern standards, a place for the community to gather.

With in-studio, virtual, and pre-recorded classes at your access, you can practice yoga even when you’re busy.