shaking up your yoga practice


At yogaRIOT we make it easy to explore all of the amazing benefits of yoga. Our staff and teachers are trained to make your first yoga experience relaxing and enjoyable.

“I’m worried I’m not flexible/fit/thin enough for yoga.”

Vinyasa yoga is for everybody, and for every body. Yoga isn’t only for people who are already flexible. Yoga is a practice that improves flexibility. The best way to get “flexible enough” to do yoga is to begin your yoga practice.

Yoga is an amazing way to get fit and will help your body find your optimal weight. Yoga builds muscle, dynamic tissue, and burns fat. Yoga improves fitness quickly and helps the body get in shape for all the activities you enjoy.

“Do I need to know the postures before I can practice?”

We know it can seem intimidating to do something unfamiliar and we take all the uncertainty away by making sure you have the very best instruction and the equipment and information you need to have a great experience in your first yoga class. Our teachers communicate the yoga postures in clear concise language that you can easily follow and understand. Our teachers are trained to understand the postures and to teach them in English.

“I’m worried I’ll look silly if I don’t know what to do.”

The yogaRIOT community is very welcoming and every one of us remembers our first yoga class. Each staffer, teacher and student at yogaRIOT will help you feel comfortable, capable and welcome.

“How should I prepare for my first class?”

Yoga is best experienced on a nearly empty stomach. If you come first thing in the morning it is OK to eat a little something before class so that your blood sugar is not low for your practice. If you’ve eaten a full meal you should allow 1-3 hours to pass before practicing. You should be well hydrated so drink plenty of water before class.

“What should I wear to yoga?”

Wear clothes that allow you to move with ease, nothing binding or tight, but fitted rather than loose, so that your clothes don’t get in the way of your movement. The room is kept warm so if you wear sweat shirts or outer layers make sure you have something underneath so you can remove layers if necessary. If you sweat liberally you may wish to bring dry clothes to change into after class. Many practitioners wear little more than a bathing suit so err on the side of “less is more” and choose clothes you’ll feel comfortable wearing.

“What equipment do I need for yoga?”

For your first class we will provide you with a yoga mat, mat cover, towels and a water bottle. We will help you find a spot in the room, explain the basics of the practice and make sure you’re prepared for your first yoga class. You will have an opportunity to tell your yoga teacher about any injuries or concerns you have before class begins. Your teacher will help you understand each posture and practice at the highest level you can reach each day. yogaRIOT has clean hot showers and other necessities at the studio for your convenience and you can purchase any equipment and clothing you decide you need in our boutique.

“How hot is it?”

We heat the studio just enough to help warm your joints and muscles for practice, 95 – 100 degrees, or about your body temperature. Our far infrared heat system is designed to make your practice more comfortable and beneficial. A heated practice is safe and healthy, just come hydrated and drink as much as you need during and after class. If you feel overwhelmed by the heat at any time, just take a seat on your mat, breathe, have a drink, and come back into the practice when you’re ready.

“How often should I practice?”

Yoga yields the best results with daily practice.
And, any yoga is better than no yoga. So come, as often as you can, and do your best every time. If your schedule feels too busy for a regular practice in the studio, you can practice daily at home. Even 15 minutes a day will make a difference. This 15 minute daily tune up will keep you feeling balanced and flexible until you can get back to the studio again. We enjoy Dave Farmar podcasts when we can’t get to practice in the studio. Dave is a Master Baptiste teacher and his classes will feel very reminiscent of the classes you take here at the studio.