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Our Karma Yoga

At yogaRIOT we believe a thriving community supports thriving businesses and we support our community through our work with young people. yogaRIOT’s “yogaRUCKUS!”™ program offers local Junior High School and High School students, 14 and older, a safe place to come for healthy physical activity after school on weekdays.

We offer an open 60-minute class at 4:00 pm Monday through Friday free of charge for teenagers to take yoga at no cost. Each participant must have parental permission and must sign up and show up for the program on a regular basis.

yogaRIOT’s “yogaRUCKUS!”™ project also pairs these young yogis with teachers and other experienced yogis who mentor them in creating health and wellness in their lives from a very early age. This important program is creating a community of fit, healthy, aware young people who will be the future of our Portland community and will be examples of healthy living for other young people in their lives.

yogaRIOT’s “yogaRUCKUS!”™ program can be structured to replace physical fitness classes in high school in cooperation with local schools. Each participant in the “yogaRUCKUS!”™ program over the age of 16 can apply to receive valuable on the job training during one 4-hour Karma Yoga shift per month, in which they are given the opportunity to work directly with yogaRIOT staff in the daily operation of the studio and boutique creating both learning and a strong resume item/reference for future job seeking.

This program will help them get familiar with operating a register, customer service, scheduling, ordering stock, inventory, social media marketing, organizational tasks and other important functions of a modern business. Students will be supervised at all times and every hour will be filled with opportunities for learning.

The relationships formed with one another, with their yoga teachers and their mentors are designed to create a foundation for these young people to build on for a lifetime. Please contact us if you would like to attend the program, or you know someone who would.