shaking up your yoga practice

Babysitting / Community / Meditation

We have left space at yogaRIOT for a few things that make it easier for people to come together to practice yoga and connect with community.

The Community room at yogaRIOT is used for babysitting during our late morning classes, meditation before or after classes, and for use by community groups as a space for music, art, recovery, and connection.

Our 9:00 am weekday class has babysitting available by appointment. Students pay only $5 per child. We ask that students sign up for babysitting 24 hours in advance and, if need be, cancel with 12 hours notice. Our meeting space is available for groups and purposes we feel bring value to the yogaRIOT community, free for non-profits. Please contact us if you have a need for a meeting space and we will let you know if our space is available for your group or event.

yogaRIOT has left a clean quiet space you can use before and after most classes to empty your mind, before heading back out into the world. Please feel free to come by and sit quietly any time our boutique is open, to share some tea, meditate, or just unwind.