shaking up your yoga practice


yogaRIOT teachers are trained to teach Baptiste method power flow yoga (Vinyasa). Our teachers are practiced in instructing yoga so that you can understand the basic concept of each posture and can express the postures fully to the best of your ability each time you practice. Our focus is on alignment, breath and flow. We help you find your balance, your strength and your flexibility, while reintroducing you to your natural grace and power. Our teachers talk about the poses in English, so that you can clearly understand the directions and purpose of each pose.

Annie Ory – I began a daily hot yoga practice in 2000 in response to my body breaking. It was the last thing I could do that didn’t hurt. I had always been an athlete and I needed to move, but running, dance, cycling and a lifetime of hard driving had taken a toll on my joints. In my yoga journey I learned how to take care of myself, physically, emotionally, spiritually. I trained with Karen Abbott, Bikram Choudhury, Baron Baptiste and many other gifted yoga teachers around the world. I am an intuitive and present teacher. I get a kick out of inviting you to play and explore your EDGE on your yoga mat. I believe in yoga as a path to health and wellness and as a tool for presence and authenticity. My Teacher/Leader Stake is to hold space for you to step up to your edge and grow into your yoga practice in Big Bold ways. I invite you to come and find yourself on your mat.

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Tina Duhaime – I have always been in love with the art of movement. I was introduced to yoga in college. I  received my first yoga teacher certification and fell in love with the beautiful ways the body and mind powerfully move together. Since then I have completed and assisted many teacher trainings, Power Vinyasa, and Prana Flow. I believe that everyone has something to teach us. I will continue to crave knowledge and experience to enhance my practice and empower others in theirs. I became a teacher because yoga transformed my life. That vibrant energy needs to be shared with everyone! I believe in creating a loving, open space where students will be challenged while having fun. I celebrate knowing that I help people discover strength, flexibility, and the opportunity to grow.


Amelia Groves – I began my yoga practice after my 2nd knee surgery in order to heal my body to continue distance running. In my first Ashtanga class I found that yoga offers so much more than just physical benefits.  Since then, I have studied Ashtanga Yoga, Power Yoga and Meditation, completing three teacher trainings and countless workshops to further my understanding of the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of yoga.  My daily practice has taught me to be mindful and compassionate on the mat in order to take these qualities with me off of the mat.  I have studied under many talented teachers and feel that what they have shared with me is a gift that can transform. I feel very grateful to share this gift with others.


Jennifer Bentch – I began my yoga practice years ago as a way to exercise during pregnancy and to help treat a chronic illness. When I discovered power vinyasa yoga I was hooked. I developed my home practice for years before finding my way to a yoga studio. In fact my first “real” yoga class at a Baptiste studio was the first day of teacher training. I was intimidated and nervous but few things worth doing are ever comfortable. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I’ve since had the privilege of guiding students through a loving, tough and often humorous practice.  Finding acceptance of self and good old grit through yoga is a huge passion of mine.



Georgia West – It was fairly recent that I committed to yoga as a serious daily practice. Not because I did not understand its wonders, but because I wanted to celebrate all the diversity that surrounded me. I have had many lives, I was a gymnast, a Zen student, a Capoeirista (Capoeira is a Brazilian martial art). Through these experiences, the most important thing I’ve learned is to always keep an open mind, to empty my cup each time before every new adventure, before every class, so it can be filled with knowledge from those I encounter along the way. I look forward to meeting you on your mat, learning through unspoken words, and together, even if it’s just for a hour, creating harmony with strangers.


Stone Cairns – I first came to power vinyasa yoga in November 2015. It quickly became an organizing force in my life and I jumped into teacher training here at yogaRIOT. As a person with disabling chronic migraines, I have a strong relationship with my body. Yoga gives me something joyful and affirming to do with my body rather than just survive. My teachers have met me where I am and teach to my possibilities, not my limitations. By becoming a yoga teacher, I hope to pass that amazing gift on to others. On my best days, my yoga is a meditation with myself about what more I can do and how much ease I can bring to it.


Sarah Wildwood – I am a psychotherapist, mother, poet and artist. In my classes, I acknowledge the visible and invisible struggles of being human & I invite Hope and Joy into these realities. My Yoga practice has expanded my spiritual life, and deepened my sense of gratitude for the gifts that arise within challenging shapes and seasons.


Annie Moulton –  I began practicing yoga while searching for direction. Through a steady yoga and meditation practice I found forgiveness, compassion for myself and others, a
commitment to service, and true purpose. An email from a stranger, advice from a friend, and a good feeling caused me to pack up my Honda Civic and drive the 3,000 miles to Portland to begin a new life. I am trained to teach Power Yoga. My teaching is rooted in the Baptiste methodology which I deliver with lightness, laughter, and the invitation for constant exploration.

Annie Grummel – I found yoga years ago and have been a regular practitioner since. It is what grounds me down and keeps me present. I went to Level 1 Baptiste training during a time in my life when my world needed more of that. I never intended to teach, but once I started I knew my heart called me to share the gifts of presence and grounding with my students. In the years since both of my adult children, now away at college have become yoga teachers as well and it is one our most cherished family moments to take class from and with each other. I teach from my heart and am always learning with and from my students, on and off the mat.

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Marco Zizzinella – I started practice with Bryan Kest at Santa Monica Power Yoga. Since then life has circled around yoga and Vipassana meditation. I went all the way to India to learn about yoga but truly learned to TEACH from Annie Ory. I live and teach in Palm Desert and San Diego. I also travel to teach in Portland, where my teacher Annie has a beautiful studio. I hope to meet you there soon, or somewhere else on the road. I hope that one day all the people on the planet will become yogis, grounded, with nothing but love, wisdom and compassion to share.


Brooke Meadows – I began my regular yoga practice while living in NYC. I’ll never forget being in 1/2 pigeon, experiencing one of the biggest internal struggles of my life, attempting to get my tight runner’s body to relax into that crazy pose. My friend turned to me and said, “I can hear you thinking.” I’ve come a long way since that day and have come to rely on yoga to feed my spirit and keep my body strong and limber. I completed a Baptiste inspired training at yogaRIOT. I’m also an acupuncturist and herbalist and love the combination of these three components. I encourage my patients and students to find their own balance, to let go, to meet your body where it is and allow it to surprise you with it’s capabilities.

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Andrew Petrillo – I began my yoga practice in my teens. I was soon ready for something meaningful to happen in my life so I spent the summer at The Africa Yoga Project and it transformed me wholly. I want to share this practice with everyone everywhere! I teach at Power Yoga studios when I am away at college, but yogaRIOT is my yoga home and I come back here to play and celebrate with this community whenever I can.  My sister and my mom both teach here and that makes it a really special place for our family. Come step to your edge with me!


Mira Petrillo – I began practicing yoga with my mom and my older brother a few years ago. I spent time with The Africa Yoga Project and it truly helped me ground. Yoga drops me into presence and I teach in the hopes of sharing that with others. Teaching has helped me learn more about myself and others and I am honored to witness your journey on your mat, to meet you where you are, and to grow together.